Case Study

Case Study on EV 2-Wheeler Chassis Test Platform for R&D

iASYS collaborated with an automotive manufacturer and proposed software that enables effortless CAN data mapping to provide a comprehensive eco-friendly solution. The primary focus was on meeting rigorous EPA standards and providing tailor-made software for precise component management

Case Study on Workflow Automation

iASYS developed an application that integrates with vehicle automation systems the application enhanced the certification process by digitizing calculations and process flows, resulting in a more streamlined procedure.

Data management

Case Study on Lab and Test Data Management

iASYS streamlined planning and scheduling process successfully reduced the time and effort required for preparing and scheduling plans in the automotive industry and offered a uniquely designed workflow engine where end users can define processes independently

drivetrain testing set up

Drivetrain/Transmission Testing

iASYS has designed a customized  test setup to measure the efficiency and losses of belt-driven powertrains under various belt tensions and iterations, along with a motor.

Container Test Cell for EV motor

iASYS has developed a containerized test rig for electric motor testing to assist electric vehicle start-ups, Tier-1 suppliers, and large OEMs in testing and validating their UUTs for a short duration.

Electric Vehicle Testing Service

EV Testing as a Service

A start-up company that makes cargo e-vehicles (scooters) for consumers but struggles with the testing and validation processes.
E-Vehicle start up completed their vehicle testing and validation on time without investing in Capex

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