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iASYS Technologies Privacy Policy explains how and why we might gather, save, use, and/or process your information when you use our services, such as visiting our website or any other website of ours that links to this privacy note.

Participate in any associated activities with us, such as marketing, sales, events, or webinars.

Questions or Concerns : – You can better understand your privacy rights and options by carefully reading this privacy notice.  Please get in touch with us if you have any additional inquiries or worries at :

Summary Of Keypoints

The main features of our privacy notice are summarized here.

What personal information do we process?

  • Depending on how you engage with iASYS Technologies, the decisions you make, or the services and features you use, we may process personal information when you visit, utilise, or navigate our services.

Do we handle any highly sensitive personal data?

  • Sensitive personal data is not processed by us.

Do we receive any information from third parties?

  • Information from third parties is not provided to us.

How do we process your information?

  • In addition to communicating with you for security and fraud protection as well as to comply with the law, we process your information to deliver, enhance, and manage our services. With your permission, we might need to use your information for additional purposes. Only when we have a solid legal justification for doing so, will we utilise your information.

In what situation and with which parties do we share your information?

  • If necessary and with your permission, we may share your information with specific parties.

How do we keep your information safe?

  • To safeguard your personal information, we’ve put in place organizational, technical, and procedural safeguards.

What are your rights?

  • You may have various rights in relation to your personal information depending on where you are physically located and the privacy laws that are in effect.

How do You exercise your rights?

  • Getting in touch with us is the simplest way to exercise your rights. In compliance with existing data protection rules, we’ll take any request into account and respond.

What Information Do We Collect?

Personal Information That You Provide Us

When you contact us, register on the services, or indicate an interest in learning more about the services and products offered by iASYS Technologies, we may collect personal information you freely disclose to us.

Your given personal information includes: Your interactions with iASYS Technologies or the services and products the company offers will affect the personal information we gather from you. The personal data gathered may consist of :

▫ Name

▫ Email address

▫ Contact or authentication data

▫ Contact preference

Sensitive Information: None of your sensitive information is processed by us.

Information that is automatically gathered : When you access, browse, or utilise our website or use any of our services or products, we automatically record some information. However, it may include device information such your IP address, browser information, device characteristics, and operating language. This information does not reveal any of your personal information, such as your name, contact information, etc. The primary purpose of this data is to protect iASYS Technologies’ security and privacy.

How Do We Process Your Information?

Depending on how you interact with, we may process your information for a variety of purposes, including : –

To simplify account creation, authentication, and account management in general :

We may process your information to enable you to create and access your account and maintain the functionality of your account.

To request feedback.

We may access your information when it’s required to get in touch with you and ask for input regarding how you’re using iASYS Technologies’ services.

When And Whom Do We Share Your Personal Information?

Your personal information might need to be shared with third parties in the course of negotiations, a merger, or the transfer of firm assets.

Do We Use Cookies And Other Tracking Technologies?

To access or store data, we might employ cookies or other tracking technologies.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

Unless a longer retention time is needed or permitted by law, we only preserve your personal information for as long as it is necessary for the reasons outlined in this privacy policy (such as accounting, tax or other legal requirements). Nothing else in this notice will compel us to retain your information on file with us for a longer duration.

If we no longer have a valid business need to handle your personal information, we will either delete it or make it anonymous, or if that is not possible, we will securely retain it and keep it separate from any other processing until deletion is practicable.

How Do We Keep Your Information Safe?

In order to preserve your security or the security of any personal information we process, we have put in place necessary and reasonable technical organizational security measures. We take precautions and make efforts to protect your information.

What Are Your Privacy Rights?

Account information : –

You can get in touch with us using the above information or send your complaints by letter to iASYS Technologies if you ever want to review, remove, update, or terminate the information in your account.

We shall deactivate or cancel your account from our active database upon your request to delete or terminate it.

Online Privacy Policy Only

The information supplied and/or collected in iasys by visitors to our website is covered by this Privacy Policy, which exclusively pertains to our online activities. Information gathered offline or from sources other than this website is not covered by this policy.


You hereby agree to our Privacy Policy’s Terms and Conditions and give your consent by using our website.

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