Engine Testing Solutions

Engine transient test bench setup


iASYS transient series AC dynamometers are exclusively designed for engine testing solutions. It is in close cooperation with highly precise speed & torque measuring device, with the ability to carry out extraordinary dynamic test cycles. The interfacing automation solutions with transient cycles are also available for transient solutions

Technical insights

  • Available Power Ranges: 30kW to 440kW
  • Speed: Up to 10,000 rpm
  • Other power ratings available on request
  • Regenerative AC drive with Active front end technology

Orbit-E Engine test systems


Orbit-E is a automation software which helps OEM segment to test engines. Starting from 2 wheeler engines to heavy duty engines all can be tested under Orbit-E automation software.

All types of application can be tested in this automation system.


  • Euro VI compliant
  • Includes test cycles – ETC, NRTC, WNTE, WHTC, WHSC, EPA US Smoke test, RMC and more
  • Complete transient cycle execution support (FTP, cycle generation, cycle execution, data logging, regression analysis, report generation)

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