Scenario based testing for ADAS / Autonomous driving


For the launch of autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), one of the biggest impediments is Validation. Validation ensures that the system does not cause even a single failure or catastrophic side effect.

Testing a highly-automated vehicle could take years. This is because hundreds of millions of test kilometers would need to be driven on public roads before the vehicle is ready for certification. This seemingly impossible task can only be achieved if manufacturers combine both the real-world test and the virtual simulation environment data in order to test and validate their vehicles. This is the only way to reliably and realistically tackle these immense distances and an influx of increasing test challenges.

Benefits of Scenario Based Testing Approach

  • Extensive Scenario and situation coverage in simulation
  • Minimizes safety hazards
  • Shorter development time
  • Reusable scenarios

iASYS Solution

iASYS is working since the inception of ‘Standardized labelling and storage for Scenarios & Vehicle data’ work group in ASAM. We contributed in setting up vision where road traffic is represented using core domain model and its concept is denoted using ontology. Ontology provides explicit knowledge models for domains that can help overcome the problem of data ambiguity. All this is done using a platform-based approach for data management & storage of measure scenario data.

iASYS uses advanced technologies of distributed data processing for high volume engineering data, at the same time scenario creation / usage with graph technology (see Distributed BRIX).

iASYS has partnered across the globe with OEMs, technology developers, Tier-1 suppliers and research institutes in delivering ecosystem of Autonomous Driving and has made a series of presentations at international conferences.

iASYS is heavily contributing in ASAM OpenX Ontology work group that shall provide a foundation of common definitions, properties, and relations for central concepts of the ASAM OpenX standards, including OpenDRIVE, OpenSCENARIO, OpenLABEL, Open Simulation Interface (OSI), and OpenODD. You can know more about ASAM’s work in Simulation domain for ADAS/Autonomous driving here.

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