Vehicle Chassis Test Bench Setup

The chassis dynamometer consists of a high dynamic AC dynamometer with a real time control system provides precise road load simulation control. The motor is trunnion mounted and the torque can be measured through load cell/ torque flange.

Technical insights

Orbit-X vehicle testing is Emission host software on Chassis Dynamometer. It performs the integrated operation and control of the multiple devices like Driver’s aid, Emission System, CVS, DLS, Chassis Dynamometer, Opacimeter etc.

Application areas

Orbit-X can be used for Emission preparation, WLTC cycle preparation, Emission pre-test, Test preparation, Emission test execution and report generation.

Orbit-X Vehicle testing (Emission host)

  • Host for running all regulatory compliant test cycles, including WLTC & WMTC
  • Europe: ECE R40 / R47 (motorcycles), ECE R15 / 04 / R83 (15/05), NEDC, EUDC, Artemis
  • US: EPA / Fed. Reg. Subpart F (motorcycles), FTP75 :FTP72 : US 505 : US06 : SC03 :SFTP (light duty vehicles), NYCC, HWFET, LA 4
  • India: IDC 2000: BS III, IV, VI | Japan: 10 / 11 / 10-15 Mode JC08
  • Easy interface with all standard Emission & CVS equipment

Orbit-V (Real Time) is a vehicle testing software used to test the performance of vehicle in simulated condition from chassis dynamometer. In either way it controls a rolling chassis dynamometer for vehicle test by an operator. It is easily compatible with Orbit-X vehicle testing.

It is driving assistance application where user can create the cycle patterns (time based or speed based). It is compatible with WLTC & WMTC

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