Case Studies

Brix Lab Digitization

Case Study On Brix -Lab Digitization

iASYS collaborated with an automotive manufacturer to implement digital transformation platform for lab management(BRIX labmanagement module) for Design Validation Plan, facility scheduling, and report management with an Excel-like usability , creating a connected ecosystem for streamlined communication and task integration, reducing redundancy in engineers’ tasks.

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Facility Resource utilization and monitoring

Case Study On Facility Resource Utilization and Monitoring

iASYS proposes an application for efficient activity tracking with a comprehensive online dashboard. It
provides real-time utilization data, eliminating the need for constant managerial follow-ups. The
dashboard displays detailed metrics for different activities and equipment-specific utilization, along with
interfaces for issue and asset management, ensuring accuracy.

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Agricultural tractor with attachments drives through farm field

Case Study on Automation and Upgradation of Farm Equipment Engine Test Bed

iASYS recommended a global testing system aligned with future industry norms for Indian Farm Equipment Manufacturers. This approach ensured accessibility and flexibility while integrating with their existing setup, maximizing cost-effectiveness. As a result, the company overcame testing challenges, increased efficiency, enhanced safety, and prepared for evolving industry standards.

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Centralized Design Validation Plan (DVP) and Automation.

The iASYS designed a workflow engine that enables end users to independently create their own customized processes. This system includes a flexible notification feature, providing a comprehensive view of all process stages, which in turn enhances team communication and allocation of responsibilities. This improvement results in faster and more informed decision-making within departments, ultimately leading to an enhanced overall experience for end customers.

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Case Study on EV 2-Wheeler Chassis Test Platform for R&D

iASYS collaborated with an automotive manufacturer and proposed software that enables effortless CAN data mapping to provide a comprehensive eco-friendly solution. The primary focus was on meeting rigorous EPA standards and providing tailor-made software for precise component management

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Case Study on Workflow Automation

iASYS developed an application that integrates with vehicle automation systems the application enhanced the certification process by digitizing calculations and process flows, resulting in a more streamlined procedure.

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Data management

Case Study on Lab and Test Data Management

iASYS streamlined planning and scheduling process successfully reduced the time and effort required for preparing and scheduling plans in the automotive industry and offered a uniquely designed workflow engine where end users can define processes independently

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