Digital transformation of Automotive Certification Process A Case Study of iASYS’s BRIX Platform Implementation


Use case: – Quality plan preparation, integration with an automation system, Central calculation reporting

Goal: – To automate workflow which will include approval flow, calculation engine, and standard certification reports annexures generation

Challenges :- Inefficient certification planning, manual tasks leading to delays and errors, hampered scalability for increasing demands, and difficulty in automating quality plan requests and progress tracking.

Solution :- iASYS proposed the BRIX platform web-based application for integration with Engine/Vehicle automation systems along with centralized calculations that improved the quality of reports

Results :- The implementation of a web-based centralized solution allows for direct test execution, rapid data transfer, and prompt pass/fail results. This has resulted in enhanced decision-making by reducing engineer dependency and significantly lowering the test cycle time.

Download Case Study for More Information

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