Advanced Test Rigs

Advanced Engineering for EV/HEV

ICE/HEV Powertrain Test Configuration


iASYS CVT Rig can be used in investigation of transmission behavior of the gear box in static or dynamic mode. Gear box efficiency is improved by its optimization through CVT Rig. Automatic durability runs, Endurance tests and unattended durability tests can be performed using CVT rig. Other objectives like Transmission hysteresis between acceleration and deceleration, checking slip torque of clutch can also be performed with ease.

  • No need to shift gears.
  • Continuous transmission of torque.
  • Control of engine speed independently of vehicle speed.
  • Ability to operate engine at peak power over wider range of vehicle speeds.
  • Ability to operate at most fuel efficient point for required output power.


FHP Tests is used to determine the forces involved in rubbing friction between the moving parts during combustion cycles of engine.

Friction test benches by iASYS are extremely rigid and prevents cross influences on the torque measurement. This ensures high level of accuracy.

  • Optimized for high precision torque measurement
  • Efficient & reliable : low maintenance deliverables
  • Applications customizable as per customer
  • Interfaced to user friendly Data Acquisition & Control Software ( Orbit-e )
  • Better defined boundary condition offers higher repeatability with reduced test run times

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