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BRIX ODS Solution Document

Brix ODS Server is a platform-independent, high-performance solution for storing and accessing test and measurement data.

The Brix ODS server is fully compatible with all ASAM ODS features as well as any application model, making it easily scalable for both small and large data sets.

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Advanced Test01

Advanced Project

Delivered complex and specialized engineering projects which are unique in nature, design, and build for very specific applications.

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Vehicle Chassis Dyno

A chassis dynamometer is also known as a rolling road, is a mechanical device that simulates various road conditions using one or more fixed roller assemblies in a controlled environment. It is used for a range of vehicle testing and development tasks.

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CVT Test Rig

CVT Test Rig is use for the performance evaluation and development of CVT components as well as optimizing the centrifugal mass for developing drivability functions ns.

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