Brix Lite - Test Data Management

Logical Architecture (for in-premises server)

Brix Lite

Test data management solution for heterogeneous environment which handles any manufacturers’ test rig, automation & controllers and supports almost all file format (CSV, XLS, ATFX, MDF, Manual entry).

Feature list

  • BRIX lite is a web-based test data management tool, organizing test data along with know-how information.
  • It is not a data analytics tool. It lays foundation for efficient data analytics / business intelligence.
  • BRIX lite enhances daily activities of engineers, where through a data browser they can search, observe and compare test data.
  • Your engineer can create reports instantaneously by defining report templates inside BRIX.

Benefits of Brix Lite

  • Overall time in completion of testing process is reduced
  • Over the time when data is accumulated, searching an old test data, with context information will be instantaneous.
  • Sharing of data within department will be at ease.
  • Back up of test data is easier now. Earlier, test data files were maintained by engineer on their individual PCs. This caused either loss of data at times or duplication.
  • Test beds can be utilized more for test execution. All the post execution data preparation & data management work is handled in BRIX lite.
  • Analysis tools present with different test data utilizing teams, can be effectively used, as the data is standardized and organized here. BRIX lite provide easy interface to standard analysis & BI tools.

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