Precision and Progress:Transforming Two-Wheeler Industry with Automated Chassis Trials


Use case: – Vehicle Chassis Dyno Testing (2-Wheeler)

Goal: – Design a versatile research and development chassis test platform to assess a wide variety of two-wheeler vehicles.

Challenges :- Creating an autonomous system that replicates the presence of a rider and passenger on a vehicle using mechanical weights.

Solution :- iASYS proposes using Orbit X for range and performance testing, Drivers Aid Comet, and Orbit V for vehicle chassis testing with robo-throttling and braking. This solution also includes a dead weight arrangement for precise chassis testing with simulated rider and pillion weight.

Results :- Implemented automated testing solution for a range of 2-wheeler applications, leading to streamlined data processing and rapid report generation. Moreover, the dyno system accommodates test executions for both Electric Vehicles (EVs) and conventional fuel-powered 2-wheelers.

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