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Vaibhav Radhakrishnan

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With a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from SRM University (India), I am seeking a position as an Engineering Trainee in a reputable organization. Experience in the fields of Industrial Automation, Electrical Vehicles, Aquatic Robots and Machine Vision. Eager to improve my engineering and technical skills while also meeting the organization’s needs.




Bachelor’s degree

B.Tech. in Mechatronics Engineering

SRM Institute of Science and                             75.38%                                                May 2021

Technology, Kattankulathur, India


12th Grade,

The Elite English School, Dubai, UAE                 68.4%                                                   May 2017


10th Grade,

Our Own High School, Dubai, UAE                     81.7%                                                   May 2015



Industrial Trainee, Bosch Rexroth PLC                                                       Aug 2019 – Nov 2019


Underwent rigorous training on Industry standard Programmable Logic Controller devices utilized for Automation.

·        Trained on PLC Programming and Interfacing with Pneumatic Drives using IndraWorks PLC.

·        Gained skills and hands-on experience related to integrating machines and pneumatic drives into the Internet of Things. Worked with smart engineering tools to speed up the execution of both straightforward and complex automation tasks for machine manufacturers and system integrators.

·        Guided by experts at Bosch Rexroth on industry practices and applications of PLC Devices.



Field Test Engineer, Bluephin                                                                                     June 2019

Dubai based Robotics startup that works on technologically advanced waste management solutions.

Worked with the team on field testing a waste collecting aquatic robot and conducted feasibility trials in large water bodies.

·        Conducted speed trials on Bluephin for varying distances and tested for variance in performance for different climatic conditions.

·        Utilized proprietary Bluephin software and Ardupilot Mission Pilot to test the autonomous and semi-autonomous mobility modes. Several trials over a period of 3 weeks were required to attain optimal performance.

·        Designed a heatsink system which optimized battery life and processor performance of the robot. Oversaw the testing of multiple GPS devices and finalizing the optimal device which reduced navigation errors and accelerated performance.

·        Supervised and guided a team of 4 School Interns who were tasked with assisting the team in conducting the trials.

·        Gained knowledge and proactive experience on formal testing with respect to user needs, requirements, and business processes.



Condition Monitoring of Single Stage Gear Pair Using                               Jan 2021 – Jun 2021

Vibration Analysis (Major Project)


This project reveals the relationship between the waveforms of the vibration and crack severity of the gears along with parameters such as varying speeds and loads.

·        A test rig was designed, fabricated, and assembled to carry out the experiment in which the driving gear is subjected to different crack levels and its vibrational signatures are studied.

·        Finite Element Method was employed to acquire the basic information of the gear stress, strain, vibrational characteristics under torque for both faulty gear and test gear.

·        The vibrational properties of the motor are then recorded under different speeds and loads for both crack severities and is compared to that of a flawless gear of same properties and dimensions.

·        The Vibrational Signals were collected using an NI-DAQ and are analyzed using Time Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis and Spectrum Analysis using MATLAB.



Design and Modelling of PHV architecture on Simulink                               Sep 2020 – Nov 2020


This project deals with the simulated design and modeling of a Parallel Hybrid Vehicle on Simulink.

·        Objective is to plot the performance characteristics of a PHV for a basic drive cycle, which includes the vehicle accelerating, maintaining a faster speed, and then decelerating back to the original speed.

·        Simulated the system on Simulink and logged the data. The data is then used to plot the flow of power from the engine, motor, and battery during the drive cycle. The logged data is also used to plot the losses from the motor and battery, providing us insight on how PHVs perform and function.


Electro Vehicles Market Sales Project, Schneider Electric                          July 2020 – Aug 2020

The main objective of this project was to identify and analyze the potential of the Electro Vehicle market and implementing the data to drive the sales at Schneider Electric as a part of their Global Virtual Student Experience.

·        Identifying various stakeholders and determining suitable sales techniques.

·        Analyzing and implementing research data on EV usage and policies to determine the ideal approaches to break through in the EV market. Potential stakeholders were categorized, and sales strategies designed to take advantage of pre-existing EcoStruxure IOT platform by Schneider.

·        Results were documented in the form of a report and a video log containing research and observations were submitted to, reviewed, and critiqued by Schneider Electric mentors. Report was well received as it showcased unique strategies to expand in the industry.



Estimation of HAZ of Leather using Machine Vision                                  Aug 2019 – Oct 2019

The objective of this project was to work with my team to analyze the carbonization effect produced by CO2 laser on leather samples and accuracy was compared with FSEM imagery.

·        Several Leather samples of same dimensions were tested with varying parameters of the CO2 laser and images were captured using USB 1000x microscope.

·        Undertook the programming of the image processing algorithm using MATLAB Image processing toolbox and formulated regression analysis on the observed data using Minitab.

·        Study of HAZ microstructure using a Field-emission Scanning electron microscope (FSEM) was conducted to verify the HAZ and an accuracy of 94% was obtained.








Languages: MATLAB, C++

Software Tools: MATLAB, Simulink, AutoCAD, Solidworks, IndraWorks PLC, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC




Online Specializations:

Sales – Schneider Electric Global Virtual Student Experience                                           July 2020
Six Sigma Green Belt Specialization – University System of Georgia, Coursera                              June 2020

Supply Chain Management Specialization – Rutgers University, Coursera                        May 2020

Executive Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins University, Coursera                   May 2020

Cloud Computing and Big Data Specialization – Kaashiv Infotech                                    May 2020




Native/Bilingual Proficiency

·        English

·        Malayalam


Professional Working Proficiency

·        Hindi

·        Tamil



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