Brix Lab- Facility management

Exploit IoT and create more value of your existing facility centre

Overall Solution: 4

Facility planner:
Test request management

Test request module can be used for test request creation for UUT on facility. Facility & respective relations can be managed into library, so facility capabilities can be maintained. While creating test request it allows to show respective facility based on the capabilities.


Scheduler can be used for planning & scheduling of the facility, resources where user will get complete idea about facility usage & based on it, he can allocate respective facility.

Report management app

Report management is used for report preparation (Technical & general) against test request.
1. Download report into standard format
2. Provision is given for following report:
  • Test/Technical Report
  • Defect Report
  • General

Maintenance & Instrumentation:

Asset management

Asset Management is used to manage equipment & its details. User can manage its maintenance, calibration & breakdown.
1. Asset library based on facility etc.
2. Maintenance, Calibration & breakdown details against equipment.
3. Provision for multiple attachment against maintenance, calibration & breakdown.
4. Maintenance, Calibration integration with scheduler.

Issue/ Incidence management

Issue management module is used to report issue regarding assets – equipment, software or utilities present at test beds within test lab. Automatic mail notification can be triggered to individual or team of maintenance, instrumentation, suppliers and/or vendors.


Have a central view of utilization of testing facility. You have the option to observe utilization for single test cell or complete test lab. Availability of the facility & efficiency of running can be graphically presented as a pie chart, with options like running, idle, breakdown, maintenance or cleaning.

Issues observed related to facility can be assigned to the maintenance team.

Case Studies


In an effort to create more value out of their existing facility centre, an Indian automobile manufacturer needed a seamless IoT platform to better manage their men and machines. They wanted to monitor their rig and utility from one location while also automating data traceability.

Read on to find out how iASYS addressed these issues with Brix Lab - a web-based integration system.


A British multinational automotive company needed a seamless solution that would shorten and simplify the complete process of testing.

iASYS proposed a combination of an integrated solution comprising of BRIX Lab, BRIX Lite and SCADA that helped the MNC to significantly reduce their testing time and helped them deliver high-quality test operation to their Advanced battery engineering group.

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