Engineering and testing solution for Electric vehicle development solution ranging from element level to vehicle level validation

Vehicle Validation

We provide chassis dynamometers for 2W, 3W & 4W testing. It consists of dynamic AC dynamometer with a real time control system for road load simulations.
Carry out various validation trials for range calculation, top speed test, friction loss, regenerative efficiency, vehicle durability & legislative cycles (SAE 1711, UNECE-R101, SAE 1634, GTR-15)
Vehicle could be run using Battery emulators for driving the vehicle in the case of durability trials.

Powertrain Validation

EV Powertrain consist of motor, controller & battery. With chances to fail at integration, powertrain validation becomes critical.
Simulate various kinds of condition by changing road, vehicle & environment parameters (using environment chambers).
It simulate vehicle condition at testbench level which streamlines time to market.

Motor Validation System

Test wide range of UUT’s from 10kW to 250kW with speed range up to 10000rpm (Higher speed available on request)
Integrated testing with environmental chamber and for simulating varied environmental conditions
Current & voltage signature analysis using high speed data logging systems.
In-built speed-torque control system with response time less than 10ms.

BMS Validation System

Our Battery Emulators provide cell level battery emulation to pack level emulation. Our Hardware in loop (HiL) simulation streamlines BMS with higher level of validation.

Battery Validation System

Our Battery Validation system can operate in constant current, constant voltage & constant power modes. The system features test procedures from USABC, ISO, UN, SAE, ARAI, etc.

Orbit EV (Test Automation Platform for EV Vehicle)

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