Brix PVM

It is widely acknowledged that the complete vehicle validation process involves many functional groups. On many occasions, there is a need to solve a vehicle problem jointly. On combining the data from different teams, this way vehicle development teams can solve problem quickly & collaboratively.
BRIX integration platform provides a means for engineering data from validation area to be stored with more precise descriptions such as the measurement point, engineering data types (for example, crank angle-based, time series, frequency type, ECU data) and the measurement condition under which the data is measured.
OEMs are looking for ways to minimize the time to market by clearing the regulatory conditions that will become severer year by year without degrading the quality and performance. As a method to do this, it is necessary to minimize actual machine tests and improve the efficiency of the overall development process through model-based development (MBD). However, the biggest challenge for MBD is to pass the measurement data acquired by the engineer in charge of the experiment to the engineer in charge of simulation.
BRIX PVM helps in setting up foundation for model based development (MBD) where seamless exchange of engineering data across validation process is possible. It holds the capability to be extended for enterprise and multi locations globally. We provide web application and store measurement data as specification information. Engineering meta-data dictionary is created by organizing this saved measurement data along with experiment conditions & characteristics. This way, it can be easily accessed from the Web browser and seamless data exchange between simulation and experiment is realized.
With idea of effective Model based System Engineering, BRIX helps in bringing simulation & the real world testing together & cross functional teams can work as one in integrated system.


BRIX PVM platform:

  • Scalable structure that is friendly with Big data Cloud technology
  • Independent of Web GUI technology
  • Independent of Application model
  • Inter domain data exchange
  • Exchange of CAE & CAT data
  • Accessible over the private clouds for multi locations globally

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