Brix Lab- Facility management

The Product validation Management (PVM) way is the way to look at the physical test infrastructure as integral part of complete product validation process. Physical testing is backbone for any product development process as it validates the product design in reality. In most of OEM case, physical test infrastructure is planned as stand alone state of the art test infrastructure. As we know there are many stakeholders like facility manager, test engineer, test operators who interact with this structure, but unfortunately they work in disconnected mode which creates lot of inefficiency.
If data generated during physical testing can be organized and seamlessly integrated into validation life cycle, then OEMs can reduce the overall time to market new products.
BRIX lab has multiple lab level management modules available which can be tweaked as per lab’s process to streamline your operations. It additionally provides extensive visibility in operations & accountability in work. Various modules offered are mentioned below:
Project Management
Project management helps you configure project engineering details. It facilitates team member configuration, test bed allocation, project based access right information, test part allocations, etc.
It also helps in configuring project based test execution flow approval & review rights.
Master management access is a central place for application behaviour configuration.
It includes configuration for the following- user/role, access rights, catalog, template, event, event action (like sms, email), application settings, etc.
Proto Management
You can create & modify parts information by filling in the parameter details, manufacturer details & identification terminology.
Version management of the proto or any other subsystem can be maintained. History of changes made is available at a click of a button.
Template based approach can extend information on this module to any future additions easily.
Advanced search gives the multiple options for searching a part (by tag id, manufacturer name, part type, etc.) for any future reference.
Utilization of Facility
Have a central view of utilization of testing facility. You have the option to observe utilization for single test cell or complete test lab.
Availability of the facility & efficiency of running can be graphically presented as a pie chart, with options like running, idle, breakdown, maintenance or cleaning.
Issues observed related to facility can be assigned to the maintenance team.
Asset & Issue Management
Due to availability of large number of devices & equipment required while testing, maintenance of test lab can take a toll. To solve this problem, this particular module is developed.
Any sub component or part can have their maintenance & calibration due dates recorded here. It automatically gives in alarms & important reminders with respect to the corresponding component.
Also, the issues regarding some breakdown or faulty parts, it can be logged in to the system. Even the vendor can be accountable to the issues arising in their name. A count of this can be kept with descriptive information can be maintained in the issue management module.
Test execution flow & planner
Here you define test execution flow – from test request to test report flow, it covers the entire flow. Visibility of project status is considerably improved. Standard master templates help in achieving standardization of process, irrespective of the products used.
This is integrated with the test planner, test execution at each test bed & test data at one single location.
Test planner provides automation of test specification to every test bed automation system. It provides the facility to synchronize & control the tests on different test beds, at lab level.
Here project based rights are also integrated for advanced data security.
Data navigator
A browser facility is provided for seeing microscopic & macroscopic test data of any project.
Project based data security is available here. Reports (standard templates) of any old or new tests can be generated from here.
Recorder data can also be viewed in graphical format.
Data selector & application launcher
Here the data sets can be created from the data browser. You can use various conditions to filter the selected test.
These data sets can be selected and with right click option, they can be launched in any analysis application of yours. That particular analysis application is interfaced to this module.

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