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BRIX ODS server is being used by some well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers worldwide to consistently implement ASAM ODS based measurement data management solutions. In the automotive industry, ASAM ODS has made its mark as a standard for the storage of test data. This server is fully compatible with all ASAM ODS features and any Application Model. Therefore, the application is presented with the flexibility to store and manage measurement data of any technical domain (e.g. Crash, NVH, Engine, Wind-Tunnel, Road-Load, Brakes, etc). It also integrates several Measurement Data Format Files (e.g. MDF4.1, MDF3.x) and provides interchangeability with the ASAM Transport Format file (ATFx).

BRIX ODS server is a platform-independent, high-performance solution for storing and accessing test and measurement data. The server is fully compatible with all ASAM ODS features and with any Application Model. The BRIX ODS Server is easily scalable & it effortlessly supports modern application design, small as well as large quantities of data.

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  • Full compliance with ASAM ODS 5.3.1, ASAM ODS 6.0.1 features
  • Full compliance with Corba and Rest Interface
  • Supports all domains of Measurement Data Management
  • Large data can be managed easily and with high-speed performance. It supports multiple ways of storing mass data – Blob in Database, External Component Files, Single Point Storage
  • BRIX ODS server supports LDAP server authentication
  • It supports UTF-8-character set
  • BRIX ODS server supports notification service for updating element, attribute or instance information with only enabling notification in configuration.
  • BRIX ODS server supports tools such as BRIX ODS Viewer to view model, edit instance information and Model Extend Utility to create or extend application Model.

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