Brix Lite- Test data management

Logical architecture (for in-premises server)

Brix Lite

Test data management solution for heterogeneous environment which handles any manufacturers’ test rig, automation & controllers and supports almost all file format (CSV, XLS, ATFX, MDF, Manual entry).

Feature list:

BRIX lite is a web-based test data management tool, organizing test data along with know-how information.
It is not a data analytics tool. It lays foundation for efficient data analytics / business intelligence.
BRIX lite enhances daily activities of engineers, where through a data browser they can search, observe and compare test data.
Your engineer can create reports instantaneously by defining report templates inside BRIX.

Benefits of Brix Lite:

Overall time in completion of testing process is reduced
Over the time when data is accumulated, searching an old test data, with context information will be instantaneous.
Sharing of data within department will be at ease.
Back up of test data is easier now. Earlier, test data files were maintained by engineer on their individual PCs. This caused either loss of data at times or duplication.
Test beds can be utilized more for test execution. All the post execution data preparation & data management work is handled in BRIX lite.
Analysis tools present with different test data utilizing teams, can be effectively used, as the data is standardized and organized here. BRIX lite provide easy interface to standard analysis & BI tools.

Case Studies


Pioneers of commercial vehicles, our customer has a well-diversified portfolio across the automobile industry. They had challenges with the lack of a centralized location for their data.

Find out how BRIX Lite: a web-based test data management tool helped them to collect, structurally store, standardize, share, and find context to data to achieve positive results.


A British multinational automotive company needed a seamless solution that would shorten and simplify the complete process of testing.

iASYS proposed a combination of an integrated solution comprising of BRIX Lab, BRIX Lite and SCADA that helped the MNC to significantly reduce their testing time and helped them deliver high-quality test operation to their Advanced battery engineering group.

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